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PostSubject: NEW CLIENT--DECEMBER 2010   Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:02 pm

changing host guys so there's a new download. This updated client is cleaner than the previous and also has a chess map! Yehey!

simply install this into your selcouth folder.


1. Chess map - to access the chess map, the warp is @warp chess01
2. Poring Coins - It can now be purchased with zeny, it's in the donation room @warp prt_in 44 112
3. Disguise has been moved to @warp prontera 198 171
4. In the same location as the Disguise Event, there's Custom Weapon and Armor that's questable.
5. Everybody SP is doubled.

Skill Changelog

Ride In Lightning
Crescent Elbow
Tiger Cannon lvl 5 with a damage capped
Gates of Hell lvl 10 with damage capped

Shadow Chaser:
ALL the Masquerades work EXCLUDING Ignorance
Feint Bomb -Works just like backslide, doesn't go back and forth anymore.

Royal Guard:
Ray of Genesis - It works now, but it requires you to be in a party with 2 other Royal Guards and Banding activated for it to work.
Banding - Increased damage and defense
Moon Slasher - Work just like the Sura Wind Mill

Earth Grave - Earth AoE

Arm Cannon
FAW - Summons a turret

Cart Cannon requires Cannon Ball to be equipped to be used.
Hell Plant - It's spammable now

Soul Linker:
Es skills works now
Eske is passive.
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