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 SelcouthRO Rules (In-game and Forums)

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PostSubject: SelcouthRO Rules (In-game and Forums)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:00 am

General Rules:.

-Be respectful to all players and GMs
-Don't bully other players (and GMs? o-o)
-Help new players out
-Keep vulgar language to a minimum
-Do not whine about decisions admins make

Forum Rules:.

-Do not spam threads
-Advertising other sites are prohibited
-Post in the right sections
-Allow time for people to reply before posting again
-DO NOT bump your posts, your question will be answered
-Use the SEARCH button before posting a new thread
-Forum misbehaviour can lead to in-game bans
-Posting stupid comments like "ok" or "haha" is not allowed, do not post unless it is constructive.
-The above rules may or may not apply to certain forums. ie: Off-Topic section

General In-Game Rules:.

-3rd party programs such as WPE and RPE are strictly prohibited
-editing the client in any way is prohibited
-Any reports must include a screenshot
-Do not VEND on the streets
-Do not scam other players, get your items fair and square
-During events, do not interrupt GMs
-Dual clienting is not allowed
-Selling in-game items for real money is not allowed
-Any character name with GM in front will be deleted ie: "GM Name"
-Do not ask GMs for items
-Impersonation of other players isn't allowed
-Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden and may result in an ip ban.

War of Emperium Rules:.

-You are not allowed to copy the emblem of another guild
-You are not to have the cells surrounding the emperium filled with items
-Do not summon monsters or use warp protals to cover key locations

PVP Rules:.

-"Res killing" is not allowed in pvp
-Everyone trash talks, keep it to a minimum
-Vending in PVP is not allowed
-Do not bully new players
-Farming pvp points is an instant 3 day ban.

Rules and regulations may change without notice.

Punishments can include:.

-1~X amount of Jailing time
-1~X amount of days banned
-A rollback on character
-Permanant bans
-Account deletion
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SelcouthRO Rules (In-game and Forums)

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